Check Scanners

Single-feed to high-speed, our Check scanners are most reliable with best image and MICR reading rates. The scanners are easy to install and require minimal maintenance with high ROI. These give the highest throughput of any desktop with the ability to feed wider range of documents.

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Check Scanners

Partnering with Digital Check, the world leader we installed check scanners in leading banks in the Middle East, Africa, South-West Asia and Central America. We provide the software platforms in collaboration with third party vendors

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Proactive banks are transforming customer experiences with the remote deposit check scanners. RDC is offering businesses convenience, saves time and costs while banks are effectively increasing their foot print with optimal costs.

Teller Capture

Banks can improve the efficiency of transaction processing minimizing the deposit errors and accelerating availability of funds for customer. Teller capture mitigates risk enhances customer interaction and selling of additional services.

Branch Capture

Branch capturing demands higher capacities, faster speeds and durability. Branch capture streamlines the banking process reducing errors at lower operating costs and better management of resources.

Specialty Scanners

The various models of the scanners are adapted in banks based on specific functions. The three different devices have functions of processing checks and related documents, UV security feature and to read and sort for back office.