Digital Transformation

Businesses are undergoing rapid digital transformation of end- to-end processes within the organization and for customer services. Our electronic signature tablets, scanner and software solutions help in the digitalization process and in eliminating use of paper. The e-sign solution ensures legal validity conforming to utmost security.

Digital Transformation

Electronic Signature Tablets: Electronic Signature Tablets are the ideal solution for digitalization and easy signing of documents. The signature pads are elegant and compact with color display is the best user interface. The pads are designed for great stability and meets highest International safety standards of FEA. The 4 different models of signature pads are ENSign 7, ENSign 10, ENSign 11 and ENSign 12M

ENScan 5 provides the convenience of scanning all types of documents. It is compact and foldable with 5 megapixel A3 size scanner. It offers video recording, conversion to pdf, image editing and has OCR recognition function.

ENSoft is the enterprise software to capture bio-metric signature and manage the entire signature process. In addition to the base version 14 more modules allows use of the signature pads for marketing activity and data-entry.

Solution is easy to integrate with the SDK or available plug-in allowing the first signature process in few hours of installation. Flexible feature to block the contents not allowed for customer viewing. The prerequisite will be document to be in pdf and special e-signature fields.

More software solutions related to digital transformation are available.

Electronic Signature Pad Models

ENSign 7

ENSign 7 is the apt signature pad for smart office with a 7 inch color display. Directly signing on the pad offers the best user experience and highest levels of security. Proprietary system prevents access to circuits or data. Signing time is usually limited to short duration so the pads can play interactive marketing content to keep the customers engaged. These devices are a viable mode for collection and updation of customer data and feedback.

EnSign 10

EnSign 10 owns a proprietary patent to meet all safety standards of FEA. It is the best model for acquisition of signatures measuring the parameters of pressure, acceleration, rythm and speed. Embedding into the electronic PDF, it becomes an analysis tool for biometrics. It comes with an integrated PC and shows multimedia content for marketing and customer feedback.

EnSign 11

ENSign 11 is unique with Multi-touch panel and segregation of screen. Extremely compact and elegant 11 is directly connected to the computer. With a high-resolution screen of 10.1" width is allows easy scrolling of the document.

EnSign 12M

ENSign12M allows creation and signing of documents electronically in mobility. It offers complete device with operating system for use in mobility. A tablet with 11.6" colored display, it weighs just 850 grams. The colored touchscreen and special digitizer on board with a pressure sensitive pen can detect 2048 pressure levels to assure accuracy and quality.