AlisTech has contributed to major projects of leading banks in the region by transforming their business processes over the last 10 years. Our solutions increased the operational agility by optimizing the challenges of the dynamic landscape of the financial industry.

Our project management expertise and regional experience led to implementation of tens of thousands of check scanners for digital processing of checks. Our MICR printers and transactional multifunctional printers supplement these processes.

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Check Scanners

Single-feed to high-speed, our Check scanners are most reliable with best image and MICR reading rates. The scanners are easy to install and require minimal maintenance with high ROI. These give the highest throughput of any desktop with the ability to feed wider range of documents.

Passbook Printer - PR90 Plus

Globalis PR90 Plus is an intelligent multi-document Passbook-Transactional Printer for any industry with fast transactions and safe printing.

MICR Printers

MICR printers are specialized with secure features and minimize cost by eliminating pre-printed forms.

Cheque Deposit Kiosk

Our customized Check Deposit Kiosk acts as Self-service terminal to Deposit Checks minimizing need of Deposit Slip. The kiosk offers customers a satisfying user-experience with touch screen functions and faster processing.

Check Scanners and Sorters

The check scanners and sorters are faster, quieter and economical for large volumes. The scanners are equipped with MICR reader can detect doctored documents by UV, IR or transparent upstream front scanner.