Smart Source Professional

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Smart Source Professional

Continuing on years of innovation and excellence based on in-depth knowledge of operational requirements of financial industry, Digital Check's SmartSource Professional is designed to meet needs of front-counter, back office and merchant environments. It is easy to operate and calls for minimal operator maintenance.


  • Available in 35, 50, 80, or 120 documents per minute
  • Open top track
  • SmartClear button for clearing document jams
  • Optional auto-feed upon inserting documents
  • E13B and CMC7 MICR recognition with auto-detect
  • Compatible with Windows 10


Rapid cleaning mode allows quick cleaning with no removal of external covers.
SmartSource scanners use the same "waffle" cleaning cards as the TellerScan product line, to remove the maximum amount of dirt and dust while cleaning hard-to-reach areas inside the scanner track.
The ink used in SmartSource Inkjet cartridges is specially formulated to eliminate the need for cleaning the cartridge.


SmartSource's Inkjet endorser can print up to four lines on the back of a check or money order, capturing nearly any information you need to convey. An optional front franker physically marks checks as deposited, a requirement of many financial institutions.