Smart Source Adaptive

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Smart Source Adaptive

The most recent version of SmartSource Adaptive is the most flexible MICR-enabled imagine scanner SmartSource Adaptive 2.0. It has a significantly higher throughput and incorporates the proven features of former professional and expert models. A single device, it is capable of scanning variety of intermixed documents upto Legal-size.

All Features

  • Scans up to 105 checks or 78 full-page documents per minute
  • Accepts items up to 8.5" x 14" (US legal size)
  • SmartClear button for clearing document jams
  • Specially designed input/output paths to preserve document order
  • E13B and CMC7 MICR recognition with auto-detect
  • Compatible with Windows 10


It bears repeating: The SmartSource Adaptive doesn't just scan checks. It scans checks AND regular-sized documents, together or separately, without any special sorting.

Say you want to capture checks in standard 200 dpi bi-tonal format, and full-page documents in a different resolution. You can do that with the Adaptive's special resolution and formatting controls.