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Secure and Security Printers

In addition to the toner, the Secure DXI printers have variety of security features such as : Troy Copy Evident Pantograph creates a hidden pattern in the original that is visible on the photocopied versions of the document. This prevents the duplication of the document

Troy MicroPrint Font is a customizable group of characters as a fine line but is visible under magnification.

Troy Intelligent Anti-Tampering is a unique feature to produce repetitive watermark across the background of document.

The Security feature, tray locks prevent unauthorized access and tray shielding to block back paper access.

All these features are available in:

Secure UV Printer

The complete anti-fraud solution is the X452 UV with Secure UV Ink and toner replacing the color cartridges. The print appears black to normal eye and is fluorescent under UV light. The Color UV Ink appears as cyan, magenta and yellow to the normal eye and fluoresce under UV light. The X452 Secure UV prints at speed of 55ppm and a maximum input capacity of 1050 sheets .It is the printer for organizations with print volumes of 750 to 4500 pages per month.