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CheXpress CX30

The CheXpress CX30 is designed for remote deposit applications for small business and merchant usage. It is also used for lower volume teller applications. Highest image quality, MICR accuracy, and dependability, the CX30 brings all these features in a more affordable pricing for business processing low check volumes. An ideal scanner for volumes of less than 200 checks per day, it has the durability to process thousands of checks per day.

Key Benefits of the CX30

  • Fast and Quiet Scanning
  • Ergonomically Designed for Today's Office Environment
  • Dual Adaptive MICR Read
  • Multiple Image Capture
  • Print Before and/or After Imaging
  • Energy Efficient & Green Friendly
  • TS215 Software Compatibility
  • Supported by the DCC API
  • Made in America